Sean Gin

Sean Gin, a gifted artist hailing from Walnut Creek, CA has left an indelible mark in the realm of ceramics. In 2010, he earned his BA from the University of Berkeley, immersing himself in the world of clay under the guidance of the esteemed ceramicist Richard Shaw. Sean's creative journey is a testament to his dedication to the craft, blending tradition with innovation to create captivating pieces.

Currently residing with his husband, two cats, and two dogs, Gin's home in Los Angeles serves as a haven for his craft. His work not only showcases technical prowess but also exudes the personal warmth and joy that define his unique approach to ceramics.

Sean Gin will be our first featured Artist-In-Residence when our NM flagship store opens in 2024. Until then, shop Gin's mini collection of sculpture pieces - available now on our site.

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Pre-Launch Preview

A limited selection of Gin's artful creations for those (like us) who can't wait for the NM flagship launch.