holiday 23

coming home

To us, the holiday season means love. Late nights lost in conversation, tastes of childhoods past, and a pull to all things that make us feel at home. For Holiday 23 we want to welcome you home - expanding NM into new mediums, exploring the artistry we love with new ways to share it, and highlighting other makers we admire. Welcome home.

limited edition

Living the Process


A cornerstone of the NM brand is that we don't create products to be sold, but instead, to be loved. The hand of the maker is felt with every piece. On her latest trip to Bali, Nat spent time with artisans at the Batik Workshop immersing herself in a new take on the traditional Batik method. After stamping the fabric with wax, the entire piece is bleached before boiling. The final product: one of a kind traditional Batik fabrics with the brightness of tomorrow - pieces steeped both in tradition and innovation; a respect for the past with excitement for the future.

Shop by Print

Batik Zigzag

Inspired by the geometric spirit of traditional Sumbanese batik prints and the duality of masculine / feminine energy encapsulated by the region. Strong graphic lines meet a rich seasonal color palette to create a modern patchwork perfectly complimented by the ultra-feminine flow of our silk.


Our most traditional print of the season, Snowflake was designed using a traditional Balinese floral often seen in batik prints. The juxtaposition of the airy chiffon and the dusty, masculine palette offers a balance between the hyper femininity of the print and fabric. To be worn with a slip or thrown on over a cute bra and silk tap shorts à la Natalie.

Petite Fleur

Looking back to move us forward; Natalie played with both the scale and screens of one of our most beloved prints, Wildflower, to create this season's Petit Fleur. By shrinking the scale, Natalie created print breaks in the fabric allowing both the print to breathe and adding the hard/soft geometric play you will see throughout the season - a moody pallet of masculine neutrals making it the perfect choice for the season.  

NM Collective

Lucie Timonier

Lucie Timonier, the Swiss-American artist hailing from Ojai, California, is a true embodiment of cross-cultural creativity and beauty. As an international traveler, Lucie draws inspiration from the diverse cultures and landscapes she has encountered to create her one-of-a-kind tapestries and designs. She is renowned for her innovative work with natural dyes, a practice deeply intertwined with her commitment to environmentally sustainable and non-toxic art.

Lucie's artistic philosophy can be summarized as minimalist and research-driven, where the essence of her work revolves around exploring the subtle interplay of colors and the craft of screen printing. Her creations stand as a testament to the power of art in shaping a more harmonious and sustainable future. 

Sarah Hendler

LA-based by way of New York, Sarah Hendler brings West Coast ease and East Coast edge to all she does. After launching her namesake jewelry collection during Fall/Winter 2016 Paris Fashion Week, Sarah's designs quickly became influential in the fashion space with stars like Drew Barrymore and Kristen Bell driving Hendler to be a must-know name.

7 years and an SH studio later, we are excited to partner to bring Sarah Hendler Estate to you. Her "All Is Not Lost" collection among others will be featured in our soon to open flagship store as well as a small assortment online.

Joanna Williams

We have long admired Joanna and her ever-evolving collection of discoveries and inspirations. Reflecting on her extensive travels, Joanna focuses on one-of-a-kind, globally sourced home goods, jewelry, and art, celebrating the unique history and significance of each piece. Kneeland Co. is a textile archive, a brick and mortar retail store, an online store, and an advisory service for designers. Joanna brings light and color to everything she touches and the world is so much more magical with her in it.

Joanna is our first NM collective partner! Together, we will be creating an immersive experience in our new flagship store opening this winter. More to come...

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