Natalie's dresses are made from hand batik printed silk. Batik is a centuries old craft performed by the finest artisans in Indonesia. This painstaking process involves the technique of manual wax-resist dying. Once the fabric is painted with wax designs, it is placed in a dye bath where only the areas with no wax are dyed. The wax is then removed with boiling water, and repeated if multiple colors are desired.

Because this is all done by hand (not one machine involved) and then dried by the sun, you will find some color and printing differences between fabrics and products. This is what gives our collection its unique charm, and makes each piece special.


Natalie Martin is a Los Angeles based fashion designer whose line, Natalie Martin, launched in 2011. Born in Noosa, Australia, Natalie’s love of all things Summer started from a young age. Natalie was always obsessed with style – whether it was creating clothing to sell to local markets or spending hours putting together the perfect outfit.

Natalie’s search for unique fabrics and prints has taken her on adventures across the globe but she has always been inspired by the unique batik prints and amazing embroiderys of Bali. Natalie creates her own embroidered designs and uses unique prints to create special one of a kind garments. She creates silhouettes that are effortless and feminine, from breezy kaftans, shoulder baring Grecian dresses.

“The range really is a reflection of my personal style, which is very relaxed. Its has a high sense of glamour, but it’s also understated; a lot of the dresses can be thrown on over a swimsuit and worn out. It’s basically my perfect summer wardrobe.”